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About the Institute

I. About the Institute:

(A) Institute History
    The Graduate Institute of Sports Training is concerned with the  foundation and development of the four basic divisions of sports (ball sports, athletics, aquatic sports, and martial arts) at the university.  The Graduate Institute of Sports Training Science was founded in 2005; in 2011, the Graduate Institute of Sports Training Science was combined with the PhD program in Physical Education to become the Graduate Institute of Sports Training (Master’s and PhD programs), with the goal of raising the level of professional training, bettering athletic performance in competition, and improving research.

(B) Our Aims:
    The courses at the institute center on training science, with specific training models based on professional competition training and science, which help to train our competitive athletes and raise the ability of our national athletes to compete internationally.

(C) Educational Vision and Goals
1. Educational Vision:
    Athletic competitions in the 21st Century make it necessary that both competitors and trainers have a solid background in training science. Trainers have to rely on both their own experience and professional training courses to be capable of training and guiding athletes. Students at the institute use the athletic knowledge they already possess and add to that professional knowledge gained from the theories and real guidance offered at the institute; equipped with such knowledge and ability they can go on after graduation to become professional trainers in athletic competitions who are able to solve problems, create training plans, and actually carry out those plans on the national and international levels.
2. Educational Goals:
    (1) Produce excellent athletes: Practice competitive sports, train international-level athletes
    (2) Produce professional athletic and sports trainers: Incorporate many professional fields in the institute to give students the mindset to work as a modern trainer, and improve training ability.
    (3) Incorporate science-based training methods in our professional trainers: To give our students a diverse background in science-based training and instill them with the ability to train and lead professional athletes in competition.
    (4) Produce professional academicians in the competitive athletics field: Promote interdisciplinary research, train researchers in training science and higher-level educators and leaders in athletics.

(D) Core Abilities
1. Master’s/Master's Degree Program for Working Professionals
    (1) Ability to integrate in academic research
    (2) Ability to apply knowledge in actual competitions
    (3) Professional athletic knowledge
    (4) Incorporated knowledge from training science
    (5) An international perspective
    (6) Ability to integrate a diverse and interdisciplinary set of knowledge
    (7) Ability to plan and administer training programs for competition
2. PhD
    (1) Innovation in academic research
    (2) Ability to create and apply new techniques in athletics
    (3) An international perspective in athletic training
    (4) Ability to have independent thinking and to structure and integrate new knowledge
    (5) Ability to integrate a diverse set of knowledge across many disciplines