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About the Institute

 About Us:

    The University of Taipei integrated the “Graduate Institute of Sports Skills” and “Doctoral Program in PE Graduate Institute” into “Graduate Institute of Sports Training” in 2011 which provides both master’s and doctoral programs. It is expected to construct more specific educational concepts and goals regarding the training-oriented curriculum and structure. The professional training skills and scientific training modes are expected to advance the performances of athletes in competitive sports while preparing elite athletes for international competitions.



     Our mission is to develop diverse sports science training leader, excellent athletes, professional

academicians in the competitive athletics field and propel research- based innovation.

  1. Educational Goals for Doctoral Program

(1) Cultivation of excellent sport coaches who values both academic theories and practices. The integration

      of specialties would infuse new concepts, develop new ideas, and advance professionalism in sports training.

  (2) Development of interdisciplinary professionals. Diversify the scientific trainings to improve the

        competitiveness and further the professional knowledge in competitive   sports.

  (3) Foster of outstanding researchers specialized in competitive sports. The interdisciplinary studies shall

        catch up the pace of international development. Transnational studies would further develop the talents

        in training and higher education as well as professional leaders.

  (4) Training of professionals for sport management and policies.


2. Educational Goals of Master’s Program and In-service Degree Program

  (1) Training of elite athletes. Developing the sense of sportspersonship and cultivate extraordinary

        athletes for international games.

  (2) Cultivation of excellent sport coaches who values both theories and practices. The integration of

        specialties would infuse new concepts into sports training, develop new ideas, and advance